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27. Oct. 2015 - 17:03  

I just start my own private league, and in order organize rosters, I searched for a good team sheet, and i think yours is just perfect. I just have 2 questions:
1) Can I use it for my league (I repeat, it will be strictly private use)
2) With the release of the new Blood Bowl game by Cyanide, will you update the sheet with the new team (Brettonnian)?

Thanks in advance for your reply, and may Nuffle be with you
- Den Azhir  send email to Den Azhir 
16. Oct. 2015 - 13:51  
We start at 19 and usually end around 22 or 23
- Klitgaard  send email to Klitgaard 
16. Oct. 2015 - 11:59  
Could you specify evenings?
- JK  
16. Oct. 2015 - 11:17  
The league is played in Aarhus Denmark on Tuesday evenings. We are currently in the middle of a season, but you are very welcome to come by and say hello, and if you ask in advance i'm sure someone would be up for a game Next season will start in February.
- Klitgaard  send email to Klitgaard 
16. Oct. 2015 - 08:46  
Hey guys
I was thinking about joining the league, but I fail to find any information about when/where/how this is done, am I just blind or what am I missing?
Best regards
- JK  send email to JK 
20. Sep. 2015 - 20:02  
Yes, you should add the skill in the column manually at the right of the sheet.
However if the team value is to be correct, the skill value should be included as well.
A basic skill is worth 20k, a "double", + AV or MA 30k, +AG 40 k and ST +50k.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
20. Sep. 2015 - 07:49  

The Team Roster sheet is great! I've got to find out how to add new skills for my players without their value going up. Or is that part of the new game? Could someone please point me towards some help?

Thank you in advance. We're starting up a league in my club, so I'm really itching to get going.

- Linus  send email to Linus 
10. July 2015 - 12:34  
If you are blocked/banned, you should have recieved a PM saying why.

Otherwise you are not blocked, and should be able to solve the problem yourself here:

Remember both 'B's are capital letters
- Jens  send email to Jens 
10. July 2015 - 12:19  
You are probably banned

Nahh, I will ask en admin
- Jens  send email to Jens 
8. July 2015 - 19:52  
Maybe i'm banned.......
- BeerBeer  
8. July 2015 - 19:51  
yes but now, i can not open my nick
- BeerBeer  
30. May 2015 - 10:22  
Hey Kurt

Can't remeber seing your message, sorry.

Next tournament probably starts september 2015.

Where are you from?

We will be very happy to see you join the league. We play every tuesday sep-nov and feb-may
- Jens  send email to Jens 
30. May 2015 - 10:17  
Hey BeerBeer

If I hit "Lost password", I am told to write my username and email, and then I get a confirmation code.
- Jens  send email to Jens 
29. May 2015 - 00:51  
can i ask..... when i try to log in (fumbble) --> Incorrect login. Please try again...

then i hit a " Lost password?" ...and i have a loop???
- BeeerBeer  
2. Mar. 2015 - 02:32  
<b>Hey</b> when is the next game and how to join?
- Kurt  
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