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Feb. 14th, 2011
Making history
For the third time in the history of AROSBB a team has won it twice in a row.
This means that Death Extravagante holds this record alongside legendary teams such as Bad Moon Provorcs and Blood Bowl Bunnies.
We have also shown our superiority by being on a 15 game unbeaten personal record streak as well as being the first team ever to beat the 3000 TS marker. Meanwhile Morvian Hellstrike is the second greatest player ever to have played in the league only surpassed by Jesus.

Looking forward for season 26 and what it might bring.
- Thorbjørn
May 19th, 2010
Champions of AROSBB
What the fuck...
Death Extravagante are now the new champs with a vintage display in the final beating Silverado Snakeskins no less than 5-0...
It was one of the most one-sided finals ever. Since season 15 all finals have been won by one goal - back then it was Slians Family who was beaten with the same score by Blood Bowl Bunnies.
Teamcaptain Morvian Hellstrike explains "Ever since we reached the quater finals we considered ourselves as favourites. Not by far - but just. The new players made the difference in the aspect that we didn´t have to play down by a player or two. This combined with a focus on toughened the guys to withstand injury has helped alot.
However we had two difficult games - the semi final vs Greyhavien Renegades which was the closest game I have played for a long time. In the end we won that one due to takeouts and some luck on a bouncing ball. The final itself seemed like a close affair especially with our lousy start - we simply weren´t ready and the lizards surpriced us with a perfect defence - and then things simply fell apart. I was crowded and Kharnath Vileblood fell over trying to dodge and was injured.
Luckily the apo and a well playing Armathor Bloodslaker saved our asses there - and from there on we never looked back."

- Thorbjørn
Mar. 24th, 2010
Extravagante on the fly
Halfway through the group stage and Death Extravagante leads their bracket with a score of 11-2 in four games...
However yesterdays win was at a hefty price as Maiketh Cavegni died in a frustration foul by the outplayed humans.
Not even an apothecary could help there.
This came as a blow to the rebuilding of the team - as they managed to reach the 390.000 $ needed for players in that very same game. This has now risen by another 70.000 $ and some serious thinking on how this is best achieved is being done.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 12th, 2010
Group B - forecast
Okay we´ve been asked to come with a guess of how group B will turn out.
Well I must admit that my knowledge of the skills and tactics of (some of) the coaches isn´t at the same level as for the Upper bracket. So this might include more guess work on my side.
Well Dead Diggers is the only team that I see could become a threat to any of the upperbracket teams. They are sure to go through IMO, and with the benefits from having played against inferior teams.
Then we have three new teams Breakers, Flying Pink Elephants and Amøbedrengene. They all benefit from seasoned coaches, but lack the strenghts of the teams they´re up against. However Breakers does have a competitive team (the two others simply doesn´t) and a qualified coach so they might stand a chance.
MJ's Runnaz, FFFAATK and Deities of Doom´s coaches are still in the process of learning - and while results have improved I doubt they will be there in the end - despite relatively progressed teams.
Next we have Flowers By Irene and Warpstone Cowboys acceptable teams with new coaches (in AROS anyway) who managed to get their team through to the 1/8 finals last season, Finally we have the gobbo team Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd who benefits from a experienced coach. The team have gotten some experience now and this gives them an edge over last season.
In the end those who´ll be fighting for the playoffs are:
Dead Diggers who´ll win this group - with no losses I believe, for the last three spaces the following will fight hard Breakers, Flowers By Irene, Warpstone Cowboys and Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd of these there´s no doubt the Dwarves are in the weakest starting position, but I believe they might just come in as number four. In the end I believe the "loser" will be found between Warpstone Cowboys and Terrible Wiseguys the 2nd with the winner of their game the one who´ll secure the place.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 12th, 2010
We have just made a few statistics for this team ever since the reformation of the league. (aka the new rule format).

We have a 73% win ratio, or 38 wins in 52 games.
134 TD´s for, that´s 2.6 per game, and having only failed to score in three games.
Against this we have only received 61 TD´s or 1.2 TD´s per game kept the score against us to 0 in 17 games, that´s one in three.
We have delivered 174 casualties or 3.3 per game, taking 121 or 2.3 per game and having been outcassed in 16 games, or just below one in every three games.

Yes this team does have a proud history
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 12th, 2010
Season expectations
We met the team captain Morvian Hellstrike for a talk about Death Extravagante´s first game, their expectations for this season and the other teams potential.

Well our game against Double Dodgers went better than anyone could have hoped. El´Tael Darksun played a perfect game and was the man behind the victory - though the team as thus performed perfect, and followed the tactical plan all the way. Only downside of course was that I, due to a dislocated shoulder must miss the next game. It´s just a minor injury though, and I´ll soon be back again.

When asked about expectations to this season he answered.
Our expectations is to go on from the group stage, and since we´re to meet a lower bracket team afterwards we expect to get at least a semifinal match again this year. However the main focus for this season - and the thing that´ll be the point of success is whether we manage to get a team of 13 players or more again. This does influence our chances of getting a good group placing, but we have to deal with this now, if we are to get back on track for the future.

"What about the other teams, who do consider favourites and main contenders?"
Hmm, it´s obvious that one team simply is stronger than the rest - namely last seasons champions Army Of Lovers. I believe that they´re the strongest team around, and that the best chance we have to stop them from repeating last seasons triumph is to stop them from progressing. Because in the group stage their slow moving "train of destruction" isn´t that effective. As soon as the playoffs are reached however we saw how strong that tactic is.

I must admit that I don´t have too much faith in either Dwahos 49'ers, Blue Fox or Double Dodgers. Should either of these teams make it, I´d be surpriced.
Olvig Vikings does have the team to get through, however their playing style - focussing on casualties over winning might be their stopping point. Blood Bowl Bunnies have 16 players and this I believe have strenghtened the team, so that they can overcome their one weakness, susceptibility to injuries. Greyhavien Renegades is in the exact opposite position. They´re down to 11 players and thus could be the victim of a brutal season. However the coach is very good and seasoned so I think he just might pull it off. Finally there´s Silverado Snakeskins a strong team with no real weaknesses and even a few extremely good players to top this, since they even have a seasoned coach, I don´t see them fail.
So to me we´re down to five serious contenders. Us, Army Of Lovers, Blood Bowl Bunnies, Silverado Snakeskins and Greyhavien Renegades.
I am going to make a bold statement here, and say that our champions will just miss out on this one - due to their lack of offensive tactics.
- Thorbjørn
May 13th, 2009
1/8 finals win at great cost
After progressing from the 1/8 finals we can look back at a decimated team for the 1/4 finals.
Two key players misses the next match due to injuries, namely El´Tael Darksun and Achare Lifebane.
This could mean the end for one of the pre-season favourites to win metal this year.
However nothing worked for us last game, and the only player who did well was Kayleen Darkscream who saved the day on several occations, but especially one move is worth mentioning. Dodging into four TZ and pushing Datatnahn Edsian into the crowd with two pushes was a match winner move.
One positive thing is worth mentioning though - after searching the market for possible reinforcements for the entire season we finally found a player worth investing in.
Zhaerina Shynay will be the next player for us, and we expect much of her - Her predecessors were all great players, with Ariana Deathkiss and Candela Bloodmoon as the finest.
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 25th, 2009
Death awaits...
After the first four games for the team it´s fair to evaluate the team´s effort.
And we have done surprisingly well.
We are the hardest hitting team with an average of five per game, the most scoring with no less than four per game and all of this has been achieved with only 11 players.
These players however are the most experienced team, with 5 emerging stars and 6 players who are of star status - or above.
Finally the avg. value for every player, only looking at the players is no less than 170.000.
And everyone has helped in this great achievement so far eaning between 5 on the low sida and 18 spp´s on the high.

So will we be able to continue these superior achievements or will the forthcomming opponents prove a harder obstacle to defeat?
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 26th, 2007
Better than ever
After we thrashed the puny woodies of Greyhavien Renegades in our last game we not only took the role as favourite this season. We also managed to kill a great player in Elwë to even further help our chances.
Several of our players seemed to take heart from the experience and further developed their abilities.
In particular new star Morvian Hellstrike seemed to have picked up a trick or two from superstar Ariana Deathkiss.

Finally we have chosen to put a bounty on the head of Rune Skyggeson as that abomination shouldn´t b allowed to live.

We will continue to add bounties on the heads of particular nasty players throughout the league whenever we have the money for it.
So let the hunting begin.....
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 23rd, 2007
Clash of the titans
So this tuesday Death Extravagante will meet Greyhavien Renegades in a game that might give a hint to who´ll lift the trophy in the end.
Last seasons number one and two, meets and test their individual skills against each other.
It is the leagues two best offences pitted against each other.
Who will win this grim match of the giants?
Only time will tell.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 7th, 2007
Blood on the floor
So our next game will be against Blood Bowl Bunnies, with only six players able to play.
Though we reckon they´ll get massive help from freebooters, Mercenaries, Stars and probably a wizard.
The game might get closer than their team shows, however we hope that we might be able to drive tem over by pounding them into the ground from start to finish.
And we will strive to finally get a win over these pesky low life so called elves, hopfully helping a few of them away from their misery lives in the process.
With Ariana Deathkiss on the all time top hitter list, striving to get to the top of it.
- Thorbjørn
Aug. 31st, 2007
Metal to the dark side this year
This seaon the dark elves of Death Extravagante expect metal.
Anything else will be conidered a catastrophe.
While we do hope to win this year, some other teams have th potential to cause os trouble.
Last years winners Greyhavien Renegades as well as a few other teams, lead by Divine Rats and Elf Huggers are considered the main opposition.
Hpefully they will take some caualties during the group play - and if we meet them we will certainly do our part to achieve this.
Meanwhile Ariana Deathkiss aims to enter the all time top hitter list as the only dark elf ever, and hopefully move well up the list this season.
So to sum it up our goals are:

-Finish in the top 3
-Ariana Deathkiss gains a spot in the all time top hitter list.
-Kill or seriously dismember our main oppositions key players.
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 25th, 2007
Ready for the semi finals
The team is completely ready for the semi finals.
The squad has never looked better, and everyone is fit for the next match.
"We don´t care whether it´s the lizards with their stunties, the lightly armored skaven or the slow Orcs.
We will be ready - and will win" claimed an overly confident Kayleen Darkscream, before continuing "It doesn´t matter whether they try to play with fast running receivers or caging themselves slowly downfield, we have counter measures for it all."
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 20th, 2007
Disastrous loss to inferior Skaven
Today Death Extravagante lost an aggrevating 4-2 loss against Divine Rats.
The reason behind this loss is to be found in a virus weakning the elves prior to the match.
Even though we tried to postpone the game due to this illness, it was refused by a obviously biased league official.
And thus the lowly Rats could cheat themselves into a fortunate win.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 27th, 2007
Satisfying start for Death Extravnte
Even though Death Extravagante have only gotten draws in their last two matches, they are satisfied.
Both draws were against strong teams and can to some extend be blamed on lack of training, which should improve during the season.
Ariana Deathkiss has been that threat we hoped, having caused four injuries in the three matches so far - of these two were kills.
Finally a score of 7-4 and a cas score og 9-2 is a good start in this very even goup.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 19th, 2007
New season - new goals
This season we expect the team to reach the playoffs again.
How far well get is hard to speculate upon, but as such we aren´t expecting medals this season.
We see this season as a build up for next season where we hope that we have good chances of really achieving something if this season goes as planned.
So what is that? First off we need to further improve the players on the team. All should have something to give to the team when on pitch.
We are hoping to get 2 new signing too, an assassin and another lineman.
The importance of the players individual understanding should also be further established.

So in short more players, more training and more skills.
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 7th, 2006
Bitter exit
What went wrong lately?
Why did the team that showed so much potential leave the turnament allready at the 1/8 finals?

"Well first off we met the worst possible opponent.
A team with many tacklers against our dodgers, and a very experienced coach.
But worse was it that the fans won the match for the Black Widows as they managed to steal away 3/4 of our receiving half in overtime. Thus making it impossible to score."

"But now we will look forward. we hope to bring in enough to have 14 quality players in the team.
We will certainly try to get a little dirtier, and getting more fields for practise. All in all it has been a decent start for the team - but no more"
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 29th, 2006
Death all the way?
After Death Extravagante´s fine start at the tournament, the expectations have been hightened.
They expect to win the group with maximum points, only acceptable loss of points may be in the crossover against the other groups.
Even there a loss will be highly disappointing, but it may be neccessary in order to have a intact team for the play-offs.
If they keep going on like this, they will end in the top three, one of the former players said when asked about the team´s start.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 12th, 2006
Extravagante roll over Rangers
Tonight Death Extravagante met New Forest Rangers and even though the game was pretty close, the Dark elves victory was very convincing.
"A 3-0 victory, and in the process we managed to inflict several injuries including a kill. This is great especially because that side of our game usually isn´t too strong. I hope that this is the start of a long and succesful era" the headcoach said after the match.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 11th, 2006
Extravagante goes for playoff
After the reset of the great league due to bribing, blackmailing and assasinations became everyday occurances the spectators has been asking themselves what now??
And with the loss of all the stars many has decided to view other sports such as Spike Wrestling, Last man Standing or programs such as "Survivor - the gene-stealer".
This has offcourse had a negative effect on the teams fanbase - but as Death Extravagante´s new owner says, I am sure this will become a spectator magnet again.
Give us a season or two, and I´m sure we will see plenty of fans coming back.
"Even though our team has lost all it´s stars I´m sure we will come back quickly and produce new stars - so great that nobody misses the old ones.
I expect playoff qualification every season and hope to take medals now and then.
I see truly great potential in this team - now lets paint the fields red in our lowlife opponents blood"
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 23rd, 2006
"What a pathetic performance.
This is one of the worst performances I have seen my guys deliver" Astartes proclaimed after the game.
"It was obvious they didn´t even try.
5-6 failed passes, failed dodges and 2d blocks en masse.
If they doesn´t show that they have 2-3 gears more they won´t stand a chance no mattewr who we meet.
I have told the lads that unless they gain a top 3 position this year, I will have them all executed"
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 23rd, 2006
This season Bloodbowlers magazine will again appoint their team of the year.
Overall player off the year and as something completely new: player of the week for their six categories.
This will usually be revealed shortly before next playdays start (Tuesday) to give as many matches as possible the chance to get in.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 8th, 2006
Earlier today Candela Bloodmoon was asked why a team with only 9 players would participate in this league.
Especially when it seems unlikely that they get to play in the lower bracket.
To this she briefly answered
“Nielen sofema iltem veris zel heri iaa or in the tongue of men Never lament that you live in stern days.
Meaning that hard times are when great deeds are done, so be glad that you have the opportunity to make your mark on the world.
I still believe that we might pull off a surprice."
- Thorbjørn
Dec. 9th, 2005
Bloodbowlers magazine team of the year is now appointed and consists of:
1 Bigguy: Ramses the 5th

3 Blockers:
Benny K.;
The Fifth Elefant;
Harald Brimstone

3 Blitzers:
Candela Bloodmoon;

3 Catchers:
Thora Rulle;
The Hail Mary;
Zpeedy Gonzales'dangudiz'

2 Throwers:
Synne Buch;
Thera Π

4 Linemen:
Geiler Lömmel;
Bi S.A.;
Fas Firmfoot;

Player of the year became Thora Rulle with 25 TD´s, 1 cas & 2 comp.

Newcomer of the year became The Hail Mary with an amazing 24 TD´s and topscorer of the league.

Congratulations to all those who have proven themselves worthy of this years team.
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 1st, 2005
Tonight a desperate fight will be played.
No less than seven teams are playing for survival.
Most can decide their own destiny by winning, however Death Extravagante, Killer Mutants and Stone Curve all have to rely on other teams results and scores.
Death Extravagante and Killer Mutants forexample needs Shadows of Sorcery to loose or a large win, probably of at least of 4-5 TD´s (and that could prove not to be enough) to get through.
However this has increased the tension that so many teams aren´t through yet, and all are likely to play for it.
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 10th, 2005
Death Bowlers Magazine´s team of the year´s contest has just been even more exciting.
After the death of the two profiles Lex Liche and Hanzz no less than 8 players fight for the spoy of being among the top three blitzers. The question remains though whether any of these will manage to get past the dead players who until now comfortably lead the contest.
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 7th, 2005
Death Bowlers Magazine are proud to present the very first private interview with a player.
And why start slow and simple. No we bring you a exclusive interview with Superstar Fas Firmfoot who was voted as the greatest participating player in season 15, beating stars such as Zepelin and Benny K..
Since the voters are the coaches of the league, this is a great honour.
However we did experience some language problems and received votes for players not on the list.
Next year we will write to every team in their language to avoid this mistake.
We met Fas Firmfoot in his hospital bed after his beating in the last match against Gruesome Grinders:

"Fas, you have just been voted profile of season 15.
How do you feel about that, and who would you vote for yourself if you could?"

Fas"Ehh I AM? oh yeah...ehh ok. Well obviously I am...mmm great...Beat it Brickskull not now.
I´d probably vote for myself too...or mayby Zeppelin - he too is rather developed. Oh and see same colour as me."

"How do you see the teams chances this season? How far do you excpect to go?"

Fas:"The team??? oh yeah the rest of the guys...eyy look at the size of this bugger (He reaches his arm forward after having made an impressive catch up his nose). Oh lets see, if we can get to play just one more match.

"Who do you consider favourites to win the league this season?"

Fas"Favo..favrets...what´s that? (I explain this difficult word to him). Ehh donno mayby those undead, they beat me up you know...Hey Brickskull watch uot or I´ll have to get physical with you"

"Shortly prior to the award you was injured, how do you see your future role at the team?"

Fas" The team? oh yeah them again...eh..I think I´ll take a short break then they´ll have to do without me until I return"

"Being the leagues topscorer, you have only scoret once this season.
Is this a part of your new role at the team?
Are you satisfied with this?
Fas"Well I do attract alot of attention due to my handsomeness, the others have to play that game meanwhile. But I´d better...Noooooo Brickskull, not...aarrrggghhhh.

At this point I found it best if I dissapeared, after all I had gotten most of my interview.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 29th, 2005
Death Bowlers Magazine has just decided that from this season they´ll start a extensive coverage of this league.
Magazine editor Steven Karth sent the following press release:
"It has been decided that from this season we will cover AROSBB league extensively.
It is one of the best leagues anywhere, so four pages per edition seems fair.
We have decided first and foremost to see which player is the leagues most prominent player in the eyes of the coaches.
The result will be due next week.
However we will also make a team of the year.
It will consist of the following 1 Big guy, 2 Throwers, 3 Catchers, 3 Blitzers, 3 Blockers and 4 Linemen.
Where we will take the players experience and importance to team into the calculations, but obviously the most important thing is what they accomplish on the field.
Finally we will find the best defence, offence and overall team. So there is enough to look forward too."
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 23rd, 2005
"Finally the rats dare ro meet us.
While we have met some of this groups hardest teams they run over the groups weakest. I spit on them and I spit on their graves. Hanzz you´re mine. I promise you that I will break every bone in your body, and then I will start to hurt, when I am done with you, not even your foul friends will realize who you once were - scum. "
This quote came from Roxanna Redvenom as she was interviewed about Death Extravagante chances in the forthcoming match.
And the fans loved it.
"There have been too little for us to cheer about lately. Hopefully this will change.
I have put my money on Roxanna Redvenom as first casualty inflicter for us and hopefully the team led by teamcaptain Candela Bloodmoon will start to perform."
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 14th, 2005
"After todays scandal of a match I promise that the new League commissar will have to look twice over his shoulder before going anywhere.
He´s a dead man walking..."
These were the words from Death Extravagante owner Astartes.
Apparently their opponent Gruesome Grinders had received help.
As some of Extravagantes friends quickly discovered that no less than 20.000gp were transfered to the temporary league commish just prior to the match, and another 20.000gp after the match, there was no doubt.
Foul play had been used.
After yet another great match team captain Candela Bloodmoon was also scorned by the discovery.
"Those pesky Orcs obviously had to get illegal help to get points against us. It´s a disgrace and we will follow all legal action that we possible can. Or by second thought all possible methods to revenge this."
- Thorbjørn
June 9th, 2005
Extravagante has pronounced that they will participate in season 15.
Right now the club is preparing for the new season, and are searching the market for new players.
We are looking forward with great anticipation.
This is likely to either be the start of something truly great if things work out well, but it could also be the end of the team, if things go all wrong.
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 7th, 2004
We caught up with a satisfied Astartes after the match.
"As the game went today I´m happy with the draw. We completely controlled the match, but every attempt to score failed miserably, on LOUSY ball handling. And in the end we allmost lost. Seen in that picture the draw, and a place in the place-offs, was fine."
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 27th, 2004
Again Astartes was a happy man after the match.
"The players once again followed my instructions to the letter.
They played very well, showing great tactical vision, both in defence and offense, and we actually outnumbered them most of the time.
This was particularly due to Caradhras Shadowwalker who made 2 cas.
But also both our witches played formidable Roxanna Redvenom scored and was voted man of the match, while Candela Bloodmoon was the architect behind most of the crowd pushes.
I must say that the play they team have shown for the last couple of matches is great - really outstanding."
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 20th, 2004
"Cynical Victory"
A cynical Death Extravagante, exploited their chances and showed intelligent play.
After the match a proud Astartes had the following comments.
"Today the guys showed that they wanted to win.
You could really feel their determination. In particular I wan´t to point out Candela Bloodmoon, for leading the way, and Eldrik Darkblade who in his very first match showed good play in both scoring the winning TD and severely injuring an opponent. But the fact that everybody wanted to fight and when a player got ko´ed, he would soon be on pitch again, in reality won us the match"
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 12th, 2004
"It looks like we´re on the way back on track.
With our recent wins, and three rookies promoted from the second team, things are starting to look acceptable.
There is still alot of work ahead of us, but we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel."
These were the words from Astartes after yesterdays match.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 15th, 2004
Astartes was asked after the match was over, what he had thought of it.
"Well, I´m glad we won. But it´s unforgiving that several players doesn´t play up to their best.
Today we won because of K´Chera Soulblade, he played a fantastic match 5 times he leaped into the cage, and every time he either downed the ballcarrier or took the ball out of his hands. Phenominal work.
But i´m frustrated with the play Daegar Deathspike showed today, if he doesn´t improve quickly I can´t see why he should be at the team."

Later on we also caught up with a spokes man of the official supporters (the Black executioners)
"On behalf of the supporters, I am very sorry.
We feel guilty at what happened at the dying seconds of the match, and while we won off the pitch, it´s unforgiving that we left so those greenskins could invade the pitch, and attack our players. This I promise will be revenged and will never happen again."
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 7th, 2004
After tonights match opener between Dominions of Chaos - Death Extravagante (season 13, round 1)Astartes seemed satisfied with the 1-1 draw.
"I believe it was a good result, we really had to fight hard to get it, but seen over the entire match a draw was in order. Apparently the players was still sha-ken after our last meeting in the semi´s. Four players was delayed and the rest had low confidence. How-ever this improved as the others got back for the second half."
- Thorbjørn
Aug. 24th, 2004
Star thrower Marek, has decided to retire after the season.
We have met him for an exclusive interview.

"So tell me why u have decided to stop after this season"

"This will be my fourth season, and it´s about time I start to concider other options. I can´t say i´ll completely give up Bloodbowl, but I have earned enough to live VERY good for quite some time....
Mayby a job as coach could be exciting"

"What do you set as criterias for this season to be a succes"?

"Heh. That´s hard to say, I´d love to stop at the peak of my career, so a medal would be nice.
But with so many great teams around all playing for the finals. I´d say at least Playoff´s, then we just have to wait and see.
From there everything can happen, as the Doms pro-ved last season."

"So you do not consider your self favourites this season"?

"Well. I believe we have the players, but we need more depth to replace injured players. So I would not say we are the best bit this year, but amongst the most dangerous outsiders."

"Then who do u say will end in the semi´s?"

"Well impossible to say, but a good guess could be The Snails, Zola^BB, last years champs Silverado Snakeskins and of course us.
But I´d say there are around 10 other candidades."

"Thx for now and good luck this season"

"Yup - cya"
- Thorbjørn
May 2nd, 2004
After two days of completely silence Astartes called for a press conference after the defeat to Dominions of Chaos.
"Well, following the defeat we we´re obviously very dissapointed. But the Dom´s played very well, and they certainly knew how to hit. They made a mockery out of our armour and went through tham as if it was butter.
About ½ of the time we only had some 6-7 players on field.
Therefor I can´t really blame their mentality, but in order to avoid thus things in the future, I have decided to statue an example. Mettare Throatcutter has been sacrificedand his body is now hosting demons.
Acting as a portal between our worlds.
This should hopefully help us in future matches, as their experience can be of great importance to us."
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 28th, 2004
"As i said earlier, niggling injuries are our worst problem. We missed three players for tonights match, luckily so did our opponent.
And during the game, particularly in the second half we played very convincing. Winning a safe 3-2 victory."
Astartes commented after the match.
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 27th, 2004
"I believe we have the team to take everything this year.
We are superior to all opponents, but unfortunately we are in danger of missing our many players with slight injuries. Can we stay free of too many of those we will definitely end in the top three - and we´re likely to take gold."
This statement was said by Astartes ealier today during a radio show.
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 19th, 2004
Here just before the play-off matches the bookmaker
company "Bet for your life" has published their Odds on who´ll take the championship this year.

Heads´n´tails: 6,0
Snails: 6,4
Dark Minions: 6,7
Halfdead Clawkillers: 6,7
Woodwatchers: 7,0
Death Extravagante: 7,0
Silverado Snakeskins: 7,0
Deadly Doom: 9,0
Back Breakers: 10,0
Zhatans Disciples: 12,0
Sindarin Lords: 14,0
Reapers in Place: 18,0
Grünburg Gryphons: 20,0
Apple Pie Mayhem: 25,0

Not yet secured a playoff match:
(two of the following will go through)
Zola^BB: 8,0
Grayhavien Renegades: 8,0
Dominions of Chaos: 14,0
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 13th, 2004
"A great match. The players really played well today."
Astartes said after the game.
"I think we controlled the match by hitting hard, and that gave us the point. It was a even game, and I think a draw was deserved - for both parts.
We are the first team to take points from Woodwatchers this season, so i´m satisfied.
Now lets see who we´ll meet at the play-offs.
´Cause we´re ready"
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 31st, 2004
Yet again a good match, and the playoffs are secu-red after this evenings 2 all draw against the Claw-killers.
"With only ten players from start, I´m very happy with the result. We had talked about securing the playoff and avoiding injuries. And we succeded very well.
The match swung from side to side, and both teams could have won it, so it´s a fair result.
Our biggest problem is the many injuries, gained during training. Unfortunately this means that we´ll have to spent a lot of energy on future replacement players. It´s tough luck, but we´ll keep on fighting."
Astartes commented after the match.
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 24th, 2004
After this nights excellent match between Death Extravagante and SVU Astartes had the following comments.
"I´m satisfied. Our plays are beginning to look good, and we have three consecutive wins.
And more important, today everybody played well.
In particurlarly Roxanna Redvenom contributed to the victory by making two TD´s, a kill and was deservedly voted MVP. Narsil Darkchild, and Marek did great too.
This along with the fact that we had 88.000 specta-tors is great motivation and things are starting to look good."
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 17th, 2004
Extravagante got their second win, and probably secured a place in the playoffs, however they were seriously beaten to pulp.
Two players have received lasting injuries, and the blitzer N´kari Ironstar died.
"This is once again a mix of feelings. We won, but can at best get 10 players to our next match.
We have some hard times ahead of us, and we still need to concentrate more.
Several times during the match, it seemed like the players lost their concentration, this did cost us a TD, or two.
Today the Lizzies were so focused on hitting us, that they too failed the easy dodges, passes and cat-ches. But they are an inferior race, not to forget."
Astaryted commented after the match.
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 10th, 2004
This night, Extravagante earned their first victory in this season.
Astartes was moderately satisfied with the result.
"While we made some great plays, we still failed all too often on the easy quick passes - even though we have trained intensively on that part lately.
I have to highlight in particular N´kari Ironstar, and Marek´s performances.
While both dropped a quick pass, the match would have had a completely other outcome if it hadn´t been for those two players."
It seems that Extravagante is off, and while they might not get a high position, it seems like they have a fine chance of going on.
N´kari had the following statement.
"The way I see it we have two key matches, that must be won. Namely against Slann Renegades, whom we have met twice, with two victories in the bag, and Silicon Valley United a team that needs to get started if they´ll continue.
The other two matches ofcourse are important, but a loss won´t throw us off the race, but a win could insure that we´ll continue."
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 3rd, 2004
After this nights loss, to the Minions, Astartes was furious.
"If the team doesn´t make it to the playoffs, the whole bunch will be executed.
Every last one of them.
Got that - and let it be your motivation.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 25th, 2004
After this nights 1-1 draw between Extravagante and R.I.P. Elf coach Astartes wasn´t exactly thrilled.
Upon asking him about his view of the match, he took me by the throat, asking me wether that was a death wish. He was obviously disappointed when I whis-pered "no"
After having gained my breath, changed pants and other eminent things, i called him.
He had calmed a bit, and I managed to hear his side of the affair.
"We wasn´t ready, after the winter break, that´s it.
The players failed even the simplest dodges, and even though we played tactically superior under my command, things just wouldn´t get right.
The worst was when, otherwise well playing K´chera Soulblade threw the ball right into the face of some low-life zombie, thus negating a TD.
That and the dead of Lissera, but I had to show the rest of the players that I HATE loosing.
Well, now she learned it the hard way.
And so will several of her team mates if they don´t shape up.
- Thorbjørn
Jan. 18th, 2004
In the off season the brand new stadium "Dome of Death" has been completed, and a new player has been purchased - Candela Bloodmoon.
This will hopefully help us in the hunt for medals.
The expectations are clear third place or better, nothing else is acceptable.
- Thorbjørn
Dec. 27th, 2003
Daeth Extravagante has had a year that has beaten all economical expectations.
After a great season, with a spectator increase of about 300%, a third place in the league and finally the sale of Morathi, reported to be worth well over a milllion $, the teams economical situation has never been better.

Astartes is very pleased, and says that after dividens has been payed off, theres no reason why we should relax now.
In the pre season a new grand stadium will be built with a capasity of 120.000 fans.
A replacement player for Morathi will be bought, and a coach with specialty in blocking will be hired.
Finally the training grounds will be improved and a cheerleader squad will be established.
- Thorbjørn
Dec. 22nd, 2003
As Extravagante managed to get a third place, after a great season.
Astartes was satisfied with his team.
He states that this is the beginning of a great era, and that we haven´t seen the best of the team yet. The only downside is that in the match against Snails we received a lot of permanent injuries to our side.
Star Morathi, is a hot name, and several of the big teams have landed biddings for her.
Astartes says that at the right prize, she´s for sale.
- Thorbjørn
Dec. 10th, 2003
After yesterdays quaterfinal win, against Deadly Doom with Count Luthor amongst them Team owner had the following comments.
"Even though I had feared Luther von Drackenburg my players had him under control. He was downed four or five times. And the fact that Rigor Mortis had a "stroke", at the start of the match helped a lot.
Overall we played very well, and controlled the match, physically as well as in ball possession.
I can only say that our spiritits are very high, and are convinced we´re goingto take metal, home with us this season."
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 19th, 2003
Earlier this evening a team from the lower divisions bid at Lizzera, and the team is seriously considering the offer.
"Well, she´s a bit of a trouble maker at the team, and her further improvement is a bit of a concern for me
However I can promise that she will stay for the rest of this season"
Astartes comments on the issue.
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 19th, 2003
As we all know DMD and Extravagante played a all importent match today.
Which team would have a chance to go through to the play-offs. As you can read elsewhere Extravagante won against a DMD team that wasn´t playing up to their best.
After the match a delighted Astrates proclaimed.
"Today was great, everybody did well, and with the problem of only eleven or twelve players available for each match out of the way, I say that if we´re through to the playoffs our chances of winning are actually rather good.
And I promice at least a third place face off."
- Thorbjørn
Nov. 14th, 2003
A disappointed bunch of players went off the pitch.
But as usually Astartes had a comment.
"I must say that I´m dissapointed, we had the chance to either win or at the very least get a draw. But no, we couldn´t score on our chances, and seen in that perspective it´s probably fair we lost.
But none the less, my players played well.
It was hart to play with 11 players against the lea-gues hardest playing team.
With Morathi out very early on, refusing to come back, and then Lissera it seemed hard, and with only eight players for the second half, it was too much of a challenge.
But we still haven´t given up hope, if we can defeat DMD tuesday, we´re still in for shot, and there we´ll be 14 players."
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 30th, 2003
Right after yesterdays match a delighted Astartes meet us for a commentary.
"We played very well, and the coach had chosen the right tactic. Everybody did good.
Because of this immeninent, all important victory to us against Snakeskins, it seems we´ve hightened the tensity in the group.
We are still to meet both DMD and Clawkillers, and neither of these teams will be walkovers.
However we, Snakeskins, DMD and Clawkillers can
decide our own destiny, and even Bowlers can make a comeback.
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 24th, 2003
Because of the incredible intensity in our group, There are four contestants for the last two places.
As I don´t think there´s any doubt that Snails will go through.
After knowing the three last matches - Silverado Snakeskins, followed by Clawkillers and finally Dark Moon Dirglers, Extravagante have a very tough program.
This seems very hard, but if they manage to play up to their potential, they can scrape enough points together to take a place in the play offs.
They´ll start out playing Silverado Snakeskins - which is a must win match. Silverado is a point ahead, but with a victory there Extravagante is in. Otherwise we´re out.
Of course they´ll still have a cosmetic chance, but..
So come and give your team the support it needs to make it through.
And show the world who the real champs are.

This is an article from the daily newspaper
"The Exterminator"l
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 18th, 2003
For the first time Extravagante got a draw, after the tense match against Bloodfist Bowlers.
Both teams played hard and well, but injuries were-n´t too usual.
Particularly Morathi played a good game, dodging around and past the slowwitted chaos beasts.
Twice she broke into the cage, and took down the ball carrier. However, neither of these heroic moves we´re followed up by a TD.
In the end Astartes we´re actually satisfied.
"The fact that we have 13 players in next weeks all important match against Silverado Snakeskins, is very good.
It´s hard to do anything with eight or seven players on the field - which has happened far too often this season."
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 15th, 2003
As the top match between Snails and Extravagante had finished the players had a strange feeling in their bodies. "It ended 3-1 to Snails, probably fair, but we was actually very close to getting a draw. Twice we fell in the end zone - that´s a bit tough." Narquelle said after the match.
Astartes of course was rather less diplomatic as he called the players " A bunch of losers, obviously the players didn´t want the draw.
Two 100% chances, and twice they fell. I can only say that in order to play at the highest level you have to score on these chances.
Or as an legendary coach once said - if you don´t want to play ball, don´t enter the field."
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 14th, 2003
After yet another victory you would think that Astar-tes - the team owner - was satisfied.
But he wasn´t exactly. Actually he was furious.
"We should have won this match 4-1, but some in-competent play left us with a score of 3-2.
I am a very bitter man right now. So don´t stand in my way." Narquelle one of the teams most importent players was, however of a differant oppinion.
"Well, it´s a shame that we fails in the last few minutes, and thus make the match look more close than it really was. However we still have four points after two games, and that´s good. Particularly because that on paper we are the worst team.
So all in all a good start.
Tomorrow will be a totally differant case, and we can´t make ANY mistakes if we want to get some points. We will however play our chance, and of course we believe in it"
- Thorbjørn
Oct. 1st, 2003
After yesterdays game the team had a good gut feeling.
A 4-1 win takes them up to a 2´nd place in the league.
This wasn´t however received without blood, and Valandil Soultaker was killed shortly before the first half ended.
Astartes explained this choice by the following words.
Valandil dead is acceptable, I decided to save our doctors skills, if another and more importent player was seriously wounded. Besides he wasn´t up to the same physical health as the rest of the players.
So logically he would die sometime, just a shame this early in the season.
Our expectations for this season are to end fourth or fifth. Anywhere else will be either a great feat or a catastrophe.
And so far I can see our concentration on blocking has paid off. I am particularly glad to see that Wraithblade can focus all his hatred in to a single blast of strenght. That can become crucial.
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 29th, 2003
Following our first season, it´s only right that we avaluates the first matches.
On the positive side we managed to play five close matches, and we´survived the first season. Reason-able intact.
Marek and Morathi both showed promising potential.
And Marek actually managed to make 1.6 completions per match. Making him the third best thrower in the league. And that in a season where the team had great problems catching the ball. And we had the chance to go to the playoffs right down til the last match.
On the downside we couldn´t make enough casualties, and as earlier mentioned had great problems catching the ball.
In the off season we will train this extensively, hoping to capitalise in the next season.
Evil tongues claims that we split the most fair team award.
I will start by claiming that it must be the work of some intrigious competitor, who fears us so much, that they hope they can destroy our image with that.
Unfortunately, ithas worked, as our fanclub has lost many members. But it´s lies all lies.
We have bribed, fouled, assasinated and cheated during our first season. We simply are so good at it, that it happens unnoticed.
But all in all, it was an o.k. season.
I would give it 8, mayby 8+
- Thorbjørn
Mar. 18th, 2003
"Unfortunate loss"
As the final whistle sounded several of Death Extravagante´s players held their heads in disbelief and disappointment.
"So close - So fuck... close" Morathi screamed towards the sky as she looked around for a suitable victim, for her frustrations. The poor journalist didn´t even see her, and shoortly after his bloody body was lying mutilated on the ground.
Well later Atartes had the following proclamation:
"This was one of those matches, you do everything right, but things just won´t succeed. I won´t claim we we´re cheated for a victory, just say that I feel that this match could have had another result - and probably should.
But it didn´t and the main reasons for this was that we early on had received a couple of casualties against us, that we simply couldn´t catch the ball, and that Bullies thrower played the match of his life.
Three completions, a cas and one interception made him MVP.
Even though we are very disappointed right now, we learned alot from this match.
And our season isn´t over yet.
With a victory tomorrow, and the right results we can still go on.
It will be tough, but we will go for it."
Trust me someone will pay for this.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 26th, 2003
"Close call" Even though Extravagante won 1-0 it could have been just about any other result.
The Renegades started with the ball, but extrava-gante had forseen their play and stood perfectly in their defence, resulting in a high pressure.
Shortly into the match Morathi pushed the Lizard-mens captain Old "Drool" Draken into the crowd, where he was so beaten up he never came back in.
Calimethar Nightbringer spent about a half, half trying to take down the ball carrier. However he couldn´t succeed until Marek got to his aid, and when he finally got him down he ran into a free position in the end zone. All Marek had to do, was to pick up the ball and throw it a few yards. However the ball must have been slippery, because he couldn´t pick it up.
So the first half ended 0-0. In the half the new Doctor had brought along some smelling salt, making sure all the Ko´ed players returned to the field.
In the second half Extravagante rushed forward - even though this had been anticipated by the opposition who had positioned themselves very offensively - hoping that their line wouldn´t break.
However the Renegades got back, and struck down the ball carrier. From here the match turned into a brawl for some time, until one of the Renegades got hold of the ball sprinted a third of pitch and passed it to Slick Snakeeyes. Morathi and Marek both rushed after in this hopeless pursuit.
The fans we´re cheering and everybody expected a TD, then suddenly he turned and ran up to Morathi - alongside two Saurus guards, in a somewhat hope-less manoevre. However she knocked him down with Marek´s help. And soon after she dodged out picked up the ball before the slow Saurus guards phatomed what happened and threw the ball a waiting player who was heavily guarded. However with a few assists - among others from Morathi, he managed to beat himself out, and rushed down for the final TD.
After the match Astartes claimed that Morathi was a big factor in today´s victory. And even though the play didn´t really work out the way they wanted they got a win, mayby with a little help but still a victory.
Three games and four pts.
Look out cause Death is upon you.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 24th, 2003
"World Class" These are the words that must be put to use after their win over the BIG time favourites Chaos 49érs.
49érs clearly underestimated the Elves and started without any of their stars on the field.
Death Extravagante won the toss, decided to receive and punish this tactical mistake by spending the entire first half to score.
The plan worked perfectly and the match had only just begun before Youran Wraithblade with a couple of well aimed kicks were it hurts, had put the oppo-sing Rat Ogre out. The injury report shows that he´ll even miss next game. Caradhras Shadowwalker got the ball into the end zone, just before the whistle sounded.
In the second half Adam ( one of 49érs Gutters) made a lightning fast TD.
Again the Elves played with a tactical finesse using a long time to come forward, before Alcarin Widow-maker saw an opening in the opposition.By taking on an opponent alone, dodging out from his marker and sprinting the last few yards he managed to score a truly energetic TD.
The only downside was that two players were seriously injured. One broke his neck while Youran Wraithblade smashed his hand.
Afterwards Astartes had the following proclamation
"Our apothecary has been proberbly executed, and a replacement has been brought in. The only require-ment he had was to save our players, and he failed that - well, now he can try and save himself Ha ha ha
No seriously we played a very good match, and got a victory.
To our next game, i´m counting on signing a witch elf"

Due to the fact that 49érs have arrenged a training camp in Brazil, they had bribed themselves into a ealier meeting with Death Extravagante. The match was originally scheduled for round three.
- Thorbjørn
Feb. 21st, 2003
"Heroic first match"
Death Extravagantes first match in the league seemed like a deadly experience. The Drakwald convicts, a seasoned Orc team was a terrifying opponent, but with stalward bravery and a heart of pure hatred they were very close to making a surprice.
In fact Astartes was so enraged by the loss, that he immediately arranged for a training match against some weeklings, and the sacrifice of five clones.
He later stated "This match was in our hands three attempts to get the ball on to their half of the pitch, all failures and then this TD - someone´s gotta pay"
But seen from a more neutral view - the result could have been a win to either or a draw, and all in all they got off pretty well.
- Thorbjørn
Death Extravagante
Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Thorbjørn

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