- - Thora Rulle - -

Thora Rulledead
Elf Catcher,
Blood Bowl Bunnies
MA ST AG AV Skills
10 3 4 6 Catch, Nerves of Steel, Dodge, +MA, Block, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet

Sustained Injuries: -1 AV,  1 niggling inj.  DEATH!

Entered the league in season 13, and was killed in season 16.
1 niggling due to ageing
-1 AV due to ageing
Interceptions: 0
Completions: 3
Touchdowns: 39
Casualties: 1
MVP awards: 2
Star Player Points: 132
Top scorer: never
Top killer: never
Thora Rulle was related to the former chairman of the Danish Fishing Association and member of the county council of Læsø, Bent Rulle. She was the team expert on the Talmud. She always had an answer ready when her teammates were unsure how to find a flawless lamb for the slaughter, how to stone a blasphemous family member or just in which order the candles should be lit on the Sabbath. She was originally hired during the team’s first season, but was discarded from the original troupe since she refused to show up for Saturday training, but her obvious receiving qualities soon became a must for the Bunnies. She always wore gloves to protect her skin from coming into contact with the football which is made from pigskin. In the PlayBall Troupe of Actors® she forms companionship with the Zionist and former convict Morder-Kaj.

She entered the team after the 9th round match of season 13 (just before play-offs) and was killed in the 2nd round match of season 16. She was the first player on the team to become a genuine one-turner. She was the first player on the team to attain the rank of mega-star. She was one of the "Champion 12" who won the championship in season 15. She played a total of 23 matches for the Bunnies - never missing one.

At the time of her death she held 2nd place on the league's all-time most experienced list and 3rd spot on the league's all-time top scorer list. She also claimed 9th spot on the top scorer list of season 16 despite playing only 2 of the 11 matches that season.


Acclaims and accolades:



1. Tied for 10th place on the season 14 top scorer list.
2. Claimed 2nd place on the season 15 top scorer list.
3. Aros Champion of season 15 with the Bunnies.
4. Claimed 9th place on the season 16 top scorer list.

AWARD: Awarded unto the Deathbowlers Magazine Team of
............. the Year in season 15.
AWARD: Awarded Player of the Year by Deathbowlers
............. Magazine in season 15.
LEAGUE RECORD: Tied for the league record of 6
............................... touchdowns in one single match together
............................... with Hans.


1. Team top scorer of season 15 - (25 TDs).
2. Team top experienced of season 15 - (89 SPPs).
3. Awarded Bunny of the Season in season 15 together with
... Synne Buch and Ann Griff.

AWARD: Awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines.
TEAM FIRST: First ranked mega-star.
TEAM RECORD: Holds the team record of 25 touchdowns in
........................... one single season.
TEAM RECORD: Holds the team record of 6 touchdowns in
........................... one single match.
TEAM RECORD: Is tied for the team record of 18 star player
........................... points in one single match.
TEAM RECORD: Holds the team record of 13 matches in a
........................... row with 1+ touchdown.

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