- - Morvian Hellstrike - -

Morvian HellstrikeTop killer season 26Bounty of 30 kgpdead
Dark Elf Blitzer,
Death Extravagante
MA ST AG AV Skills
7 3 4 8 Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Jump Up, Pro, Legend

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Entered the league before season 17, and was killed in season 37
and Scum of the Earth took the 30 000 gp bounty.
Interceptions: 0
Completions: 6
Touchdowns: 12
Casualties: 111  ( 16 were kills ! )
MVP awards: 9
Star Player Points: 309
Top scorer: never
Top killer: season  26
Hellstrike is the epitome of a blitzer.
Fast, agile, hard to get down and at the same time a phenomenal tackler with great hitting power.
He is one of the teamīs most important players and itīs brightest star, making sure we can match even the hardest hitting opponents on the field, as well as being a goalgetter if need be.
His hardhitting playing style, which has led him to be the most violent player in the history of AROS (until Death Extravagante took a break), and acrobatic moves have made him a legend among fans.
He is feared by opponents and on a nearly daily basis continues to add to his impressive records.

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Latest matches:
Round 14
  0    Dusty Bones
  2    Grimtop Chaos Bulls
Round 14
  2    Dead Diggers
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Round 14
  1    Cowards of Culloden
  3    Witchburg Steelers
Round 13
  2    Grimtop Chaos Bulls
  2    Cowards of Culloden
Round 13
  1    Witchburg Steelers
  1    Dead Diggers
Round 13
  1    THE WALL
  2    Villainous Vermin
Round 12
  2    Witchburg Steelers
  0    Dusty Bones
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