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 1) League Structure
  League structure: End of group play
The winner of each group is entitled to erase the "M" (miss next match) from one player on the roster before going to the PO (must be done before match pairings are conducted).
If more than two teams from a group go to PO, then also the runner-up can erase an "M", and the group winner receives an extra random prize MVP.
Last place of each group is allowed to put 20k gp (generously donated by the league commission) as bounty money on a player who took/still takes part in that season.
 Season prizes
  Most lethal team & Most fair team
The season's Most Lethal Team is the team(s) that has inflicted most kills per match on average in a season and is rewarded with an extra random prize MVP.
The season's Fair Play Prize goes to the team(s) that has inflicted fewest casualties per match in a season, and the prize is also one extra random prize MVP.

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