- - Feber - -

Race:  Human
Coach:  Rolf S
When Feber debuted in the league in season 2, they almost became champions in their first season. In subsequent seasons succes has been a little harder to get. However, it is a team which cannot be ignored as a potential winner, as they always seem to put up a threat against any opponent. Probably because the team's playing style is based a bit more on the ball than on the fist - at least a bit more.

  Feber team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


seasons played: seasons  2,3,5,6
championships: none

2nd places: none
3rd places: season  2
most lethal team: never
fair play prizes: seasons  2,5

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Latest matches:
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Semi Finals
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3rd place
  0    Grimtop Chaos Bulls
  3    Witchburg Steelers
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